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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Custom issues

1. Since January 1, 2018, a double corridor system has been introduced in the international airports of the Republic of Uzbekistan: "green" and "red", for individuals to pass customs control.

Any person can go through the "green" corridor, without completing the customs declaration, if:

- imported foreign currency does not exceed the equivalent of 2,000 (two thousand) US dollars;

- the cost and (or) the number of imported goods do not exceed the norms not subject to customs payments established by law;

- there are no goods whose import or export is prohibited or restricted in accordance with the law.

The choice of a "green" corridor means an application to the customs authority that an individual does not have goods or a foreign currency in cash that is subject to a written declaration.

In case of detection of goods or cash in foreign currency subject to written declaration, such person will be held liable in accordance with the procedure established by law.

When choosing a "red" corridor, an individual must fill out a customs declaration, indicate in it the availability of goods, cash foreign currency and other items subject to written declaration, and present it to a customs officer.

The message in the declaration of unreliable information entails responsibility in accordance with the current legislation.

If there is any doubt about the correctness of the choice, it is better to follow the "red" corridor or contact the customs officer.

More detailed information on customs legislation is located in front of the entrance of the "green" and "red" corridors.

2. Import and export of cash foreign currency

Import of cash foreign currency to the Republic of Uzbekistan is carried out without restrictions.

The amount of cash foreign currency, equal to or not exceeding the equivalent of 2000 (two thousand) US dollars, is not subject to written declaration.

The entire amount of foreign currency in cash exceeding the equivalent of 2,000 (two thousand) US dollars is subject to mandatory written declaration when importing and exporting.

Export in excess of the established sum is carried out:

Residents – on the basis of the permission of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Non-residents – on the basis of a passenger customs declaration filled in at the entrance to the Republic of Uzbekistan, in which the amount of foreign currency in cash is indicated not less than the amount of cash exported in foreign currency.

3. Import and export of cash national currency

The cash national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, more than 5 times the minimum wage, is subject to mandatory written declaration.

Import and export of the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan is allowed within the amount not exceeding 50 times of minimum wage.

4. List of goods prohibited to the importance to the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

a) narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors (also prohibited for export);

b) works of printing, manuscripts, clichés, drawings, photographs, films, negatives, movies, video, and audio products, recordings, audio materials aimed at undermining the state and social system, violation of territorial integrity, political independence and state sovereignty, propagandizing war , terrorism, violence, national exclusiveness and religious hatred, racism and its variety (anti-Semitism, fascism), pornographic materials;

c) portable laser emitters;

d) explosive and pyrotechnic means;

e) unmanned aerial vehicles.

5. Norms of importation / delivery by physical persons of medicinal products for personal use

Allowed amount:

- up to 10 medications of different names and not more than 5 packs of medicinal products of each of them;

- medical products in an amount not exceeding 5 units.

In this case, one package should contain:

- for solid (tablets, pellets, granules, powders, capsules) dosage forms - not more than 100 units;

- for powders used for the preparation of a solution - not more than 500 g;

- for homeopathic medicines in the form of granules - not more than 50 g;

- for infusion solutions and solutions taken orally - not more than 500 ml;

- solutions for injection - no more than 10 ampoules or not more than 10 vials;

- for external drugs - no more than 200 ml or 200 g.

Medicinal products and medical products must be in the manufacturer's packaging.

For further information, please visit http://www.customs.uz.

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